We’ve been married for twenty-nine years and we have three daughters; two that serve with us in Haiti and one who serves in the United States military. Troy worked in management and logistics for thirty years. I’ve been homeschooling the girls the past twelve years while teaching classes for homeschooled students. Living in rural North Carolina, we’ve tried to impact our community while also serving in some capacity in our home church, Richland Creek Community Church in Wake Forest, NC.




Our Story

Since 2003, we’ve been venturing on mission trips. In 2013, Meredith received a call on her life to the overseas mission field long-term. Over the next two years, we all journeyed to different places overseas. In 2014, Troy and Makayla went to Haiti while Meredith spent three months in Uganda, Africa. Her time in Uganda confirmed the call on her life even more. After everyone returned home, none of us were settled. We felt there was something more God wanted to do in our family. We spoke about moving to an overseas mission field; we even started looking at jobs with Operation Christmas Child.

Not much time passed before we felt strongly that God was calling us to an overseas mission-field long-term. God was mightily moving in our midst. On January 18, 2015, we put our “yes” on the table. Twenty-two hours later, we received a message asking us to pray about moving to Haiti to work with Jim and Debbie Hambrick with Until the Whole World Knows. After much prayer, confirmation in the Word and from other believers, and circumstances lining up, we truly knew that this was where God was calling us.

In January of 2016, our family picked up and moved to be full time missionaries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We knew that our main ministry would be working with Jim and Debbie Hambrick at Our House of Hope, but God had even bigger plans. In the short 7 months of living here, God has allowed us to be a part of several wonderful ministries.

Our “home base ministry” is at Our House of Hope. All throughout the year short term mission teams come and stay in the mission home. We provide them meals, transportation, and even ministry in some cases. God has even provided awesome opportunities for us to pour into and disciple some team members.

Since arriving, we’ve been able to plant a church. Every Wednesday our church meets and disperses to evangelize our community, which has become one of the sweetest things we do. Seeing people that we have poured into take what they’ve learned and let the Holy Spirit use them is beautiful to watch.

A few months ago a missionary here asked Troy and Jim to preach every Sunday evening at the Filipino UN. We’re enjoying teaching them the commands of Christ and the truth of God’s Word. This ministry has grown rapidly and we recently had the privilege of baptizing three believers from there! Praise God!







Meredith and Makayla have also had many ministry opportunities. They go out with teams evangelizing or assisting with medical clinics. Doing this also helps them build relationships with team members. Makayla serves at the Rev Home, a Children’s home that one of our friends runs, and she leads a weekly Bible study with interns. Meredith runs a general medical clinic and a malnutrition clinic in which the main goal is to share the Gospel and make disciples while also meeting basic medical and nutritional needs.

Our interns join us for ministry, service and discipleship. Read more about internship opportunities on our “Internship” page.





unnamed2Haiti is still struggling to rebuild from the earthquake in 2010. This disaster hit the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is now considered a 5th world country. Eighty percent of the population claims to be Catholic with only ten percent Protestant; however, over half of the professing Christians practice some sort of voodoo. Sadly, even the Haitians who have heard of Jesus have many misunderstandings.

We work with many local pastors. It’s important that we work through a local church so that we can continually point people to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The call

Fifteen years ago if you told me I was going to be a missionary going to Haiti to serve, I would have laughed at you. But God had other plans. I went on a construction trip to help a Christian camp with some needs in the spring of 2000. It was during this time that I realized my need for a savior. I believed in Jesus Christ as my savior at this camp.


After the camp, our family began to participate in mission trips. Some were domestic such as a trip to Florida to assist a church plant with door to door evangelism. Gwyn took the first international trip to the Dominican Republic and came back a changed person. I went to India in 2007 and came back ready to move there to assist with the spread of the gospel. It seemed that one of us was always ready to go, but neither of us at the same time. After mine and Makayla’s trip to Haiti this year the entire family seemed very unsettled. We attended our mission dinner at our church and didn’t feel called to any of the trips on the schedule. Gwyn and I both joked around a little that we should go ahead and become full time missionaries. It was during this time that I started looking for full time employment in logistics for a large ministry. Meanwhile through prayer, Gwyn and I agreed that we were being called to the ministry as full time missionaries.

The future

We are very blessed to be able to assist Jim and Debbie Hambrick with Until the Whole World Knows Ministries at The House of Hope in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We will be assisting with short term mission teams during their stay in Haiti. We are also very excited to begin a ministry for students in which they will intern as long term missionaries and be able to experience the relationships, ups and downs and the overall life of full time missionaries.

My call to Haiti began with a seed that was planted back in 2003 when I took my first short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Responsibilities at home tugged at my heartstrings since my children were young. After several other trips, that desire became stronger and my children were older and I could definitely see that call on Meredith’s life. In 2014, the Lord called Meredith at sixteen years old to spend three months in Africa. This was the easiest and hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I knew God was calling her; so I was at peace with her going. However, I had to totally trust in God and stand on His promises for her care physically, emotionally and spiritually. There was no safety net left. This step of faith led me to a new place in my relationship with God. It grew me more than I could’ve imagined. God’s promises became very real to me. His words were like water to my soul. In the midst of Meredith being in Africa, Troy and Makayla were in Haiti of that same year. I was holding down the fort at home. I got a call from our pastor. Troy was sick. They were hospitalizing him. They medically evacuated him to Miami, FL. We were now all spread apart. I had immediate family on 4 different land masses! I remember singing on the plane to Miami, “He’s got the whole world in His Hands.” Yep, that day that song was very real to me! I also remember a peace that came over me that He did have us all in His care. That step in faith became a yearning. A place I wanted to continually be with my Father. I prayed He would push me to draw that close to Him. To be there next to Him, totally dependent just on Him. So, Haiti is where He moved my heart. Not that I felt called to a specific group of people. I was just willing to do whatever He called me to do. When we put our “yes” on the table, a phone call twenty-two hours later from the missionaries in Haiti began to confirm that call on our lives.
Up until 2013, mission work had always been a default for me. I had a bunch of plans for my life. I always said, “Well if my plans don’t work out, I guess I could probably be a missionary.” I never considered it an actual option, and I never really wanted it to be. In 2012, I felt a weird tug to go on a short-term trip to Haiti. I prayed about it for a while, and by God’s grace, raised all the funds. On this trip, God peeled the callouses off of my stone-cold heart, and gave me a glimpse of his plan for my life. In 2014, almost a year after I left for Haiti, I journeyed to Mbale, Uganda, where I spent three months loving and learning. These trips, and the people that I encountered and learned to love through them, have affected my life to the point that I don’t even have words to describe it. God continues to teach my abrupt spirit compassion, and my cynical heart grace. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that God is calling my family and I back to Haiti. I’m ecstatic about this opportunity, and I can’t wait to experience my Father in ways that I never imagined possible.
My family has always been supportive and active in missions. We have ventured on multiple state-side trips and a few international. In the winter of 2013, Meredith, who is my older sister (and bestie), had already been called individually to the mission field. She decided to take a three month trip to Uganda, Africa to get a full missionary experience. Also, my dad and I decided to travel on a one week trip to Haiti with our home church. I didn’t have many expectations going to Haiti. During our trip, God revealed to me that he had bigger plans than I did, so I surrendered fully to His instead of my own plans. Our trips went great, but when we all came home it was an awkward unsettlement. We finally put our yes on the table. We said yes to anything God had for us as a family. I am so ecstatic to fulfill God’s plan for our lives and to see what he has in store for the future.