What others are saying about the Prices

Dr. Tim Creech, dentist
“It is my personal opinion that the Price family can be very effective on the mission field, not because of their own gifts, talents, and abilities but rather because of their full commitment to be obedient to the call that the Lord Jesus has put upon their family. They acknowledge that their strength comes from the Lord and that it is crucial that they guard their own personal relationships with the Lord through pray, Bible study, confession, repentance, and accountability with fellow believers. They have a strong family bond and open lines of communication with each other. They have all been on various short-term mission trips and they understand that they will have to give up many conveniences and comforts, but to them it is more than worth the little sacrifice they will be making because their hearts desire is to serve the Lord.”

Ebbie Davis, Media Correspondent for the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“The spiritual character and stability of this family is strong. They are some of the most godly people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and doing life with. They study the Word daily, they study the Word and pray together as a family, and they hold each other accountable to what they learn. The relationship between parent and child in this family is beautiful, but I think the thing I love the most is the friendship I see between Meredith and Makayla. Most siblings fight and fuss, but for the most part they are inseparable- they strengthen each other spiritually and challenge each other with scripture and reasoning. I have learned so much about how I personally want my future family to be, by watching how Troy and Gwyn do life.”

Pastor Alan Bryan, Student Pastor at Richland Creek Community Church
“I affirm the Lord’s calling on their family to missions at this time in their lives. They are strong leaders and servants in their local church and have excelled in every opportunity afforded them. They have also handled short-term mission trips well and have been huge assets to our teams. They are teachable and have a strong family bond and should be able to weather storms and trials together.”

Jacob Via, Executive Director of World Reach Partnerships
“I have had the personal privilege of serving on several short-term mission trips projects with each member of the Price family. I have seen them all under high-stress and difficult situations and have watched them handle it with great discernment and patience and flexibility. They all do very well in cross-cultural situations. I have no doubt in my mind they are fit and called for the mission field. “

Jennafer Newbury, Teacher at Preschool at the Creek
“Great things happen for His kingdom when we obey. Our own Mrs. Gwyn and her family are in the midst of this crazy obedience. The Lord has called the Price family to the mission field. Every day they are preparing to move to Haiti to work with a missionary team there. All in obedience to a call.”

Letter of Affirmation, Richland Creek Community Church
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