UZEMIKA Doubles Her Weight!

Recently as we were visiting some of our church members down in an area called Cite Okay, a relatively poor area that is about a five-minute walk from our house. Madame Joset, one of the sweet ladies from our church, asked us if we could look at her friend’s baby. The child was obviously malnourished. We told them to come to the malnutrition clinic to get the baby, named Uzemika, checked out. As it turned out, Uzemika was about three months old and only weighed about 3kg (6.2lbs). Her mom had tried her best to breastfeed her, which is what we strive to have all mothers do, but for  some reason she just had no milk at all. We decided that it was in the best interest of Uzemika to put her into our formula program. Immediately, she started to gain weight. Within a few weeks, she was like a totally different kid! Uzemika is still in our program, but she is much healthier now. Her current weight is 6.27kg (13.7lbs). In three months, she has more than doubled her weight! She is much more interactive and smiles constantly. Good nutrition from the beginning of a child’s life is essential. Without it, they are less likely to grow normally, their cognitive function will be abnormal, and they are more susceptible to infections and diseases. We feel incredibly grateful that God put Uzemika in our path, because now she is happy, healthy, and on her way to a wonderful childhood. – Meredith

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Since the beginning of June, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting  four interns this summer. Wow! They have been such a blessing! The internship offers young adults opportunities a longer time on the field to see if missions might be where God is calling them. This also allows ministry moments for us to speak into their lives as we live life and do with ministry with them. Here are just a few words from Cal Burns, who is spending two months with us. Cal is a Biology major at the the University of Georgia. – Gwyn

Since being in Haiti, I feel that God has been increasingly teaching me how to distinguish between the things that break my heart and the things that I am being called to give my life to. I am a very task oriented person; I like to start something and work hard at it until its finished. I also tend to feel things deeply. When I see something that breaks my heart, it’s very hard for me to shake the feelings and move on. We’ve been gifted with the Spirit of God, so what breaks His heart, often breaks ours. And because of this, when I am faced with something that I know isn’t the way Jesus wants it, I try and fix it. Regardless of what else is going on, my inclination is to drop what I’m doing and start working towards fixing what needs attention next. What I am being taught is that despite what I sometimes like to tell myself, I can’t fix everything. I’m not God. Not only am I not qualified to fix every problem we face in this world, God never once asked me to try and conquer every problem; that’s His job. And just because I recognize that something is wrong, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am being called to devote my life to it. God is kind enough to gift a calling to every person that follows Him. He has something in mind, that as Creator, He knows we will do in a way no one else can. He doesn’t randomly assign callings; they’re specific to who we are and the gifts He’s given us. There’s a reason we are called somewhere or to something. And it’s our responsibility to be obedient to His calling, even if other things come along that break out hearts. Now in no way am I saying that our calling will be the only way we serve and love or that when there’s a need we shouldn’t work to meet it, but what I am learning is that by attempting to give myself to every little thing breaks my heart, I am making myself less effective in the areas He’s asked me to reside in. The way we work is worship. The quality and excellence and passion that we work with gives glory to God. When we are obedient to what we have been asked to do, heaven will invade the work we are doing. And so, as Paul said, I want to with confidence be able to say that I have worked, with all my heart, at the calling that God was good enough to give me.

Colossians 3:23 – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”