A vision planted

A vision planted…

jeff laughingGod planted in my heart a passion for malnourished children in 2014 when I spent my summer in Uganda, Africa. While here serving in the malnutrition clinic, I learned how to recognize the signs of malnutrition by looking for things like skin tone, hair thinning and discoloration, blonde eyelashes, and kwashiorkor (which is a protein deficiency). All these signs along with the age, weight and height of the child help determine the severity of malnutrition that a child may have. I was taught to recognize the symptoms of malaria and spent a lot of time figuring out how to maneuver my way around a foreign hospital and how to get things done. I also learned the sovereignty of God and how He was in control and that He loved the kids I was working with more than I did.

When my family began the journey of moving to Haiti, I decided to get my EMT not really knowing what God would call me to in the Caribbean but knowing that He had planted a seed inside of me and a passion for malnourished children. In the fall of 2016, I started to research how to begin a malnutrition clinic in Haiti. One of the ladies that I worked with in Africa was touring malnutrition clinics in Haiti and I contacted her to let her know I was in Port Au Prince. She came and visited me. We sat together for hours and I asked her every question I could think of. My mom and I visited several clinics and learned from what others were doing in the area.

In Uganda, we treated malnutrition with local foods that were available. The Med for Foods program was having a lot of success in Haiti and it was manufactured locally and supports Haitians and the local economy. So, this is the route we decided to follow. On January 31, 2017, we began this journey and to date we have treated over 60 kids. We have people travel from over 4 hours away to visit our clinic.

I’ve decided to continue my medical studies and I’ve┬árecently moved back to the states to finish. My parents and our paramedic, Kelby Klasson, will continue running the clinic until I can return.┬áI’m excited about how God is changing lives not only physically, but spiritually.