We’d love for you to partner with us as we serve the next generation

of Haitian children and their families.

It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us! During this giving season, would you consider partnering with us and help a child in our malnutrition program? By purchasing an item below you will tremendously help our malnutrition program, save a child’s life, and help further the kingdom of God.

Your gift is tax deductible and we would be more than happy to send an acknowledgment for you. Please email us at pricelessgraceministries@gmail.com if you have any questions. We are so thankful for faithful supporters like YOU.

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Your gift of $70 can provide Medika Mamba to a child in Haiti.

Your gift of $45 dollars can supply formula to an infant in need.

Your gift of $100 can provide a mother the opportunity to attend a cooking class where she’ll learn how to prepare healthy foods for her family.

Your generous gift of $520 can provide a year’s worth of food and nutrition to a child in need.

*To purchase a gift you can go to PricelessGrace.com which will take you to Christian Light Ministries, our sending agency, then you will be directed to PayPal. Enter your donation amount, our name, and Priceless Grace Ministries Malnutrition Clinic in the “special instructions to the seller” line. Thank you.

We are overjoyed to be coming home for the holidays (Dec/Jan)! We will be booking limited speaking engagements to share what God has been doing here. So please email me at pricelessgraceministries@gmail.com if you are interested, so that we can get a date on the calendar. We will be taking a Southern Tour again to Alabama, Georgia and Florida Feb. 2-11, so if you’re in those areas let us know and we’ll see if we can work something out!

Our $15,000 in rent is coming due in January!

If you would like to partner with us in this, you can

make a tax deductible donation for 2017 at PricelessGrace.com.


This site will direct you to Christian Light Ministries, our sending agency, then you will be directed to PayPal. Enter your donation amount, our name, and Priceless Grace Ministries in the “special instructions to the seller” line. Thank you



Community is necessary, something you strive for as a follower of Jesus. It’s essential to ministry and to Haiti living. I’m surrounded with the most amazing people to do life with; however, it looks way different than you’d expect. Having fellowship with believers is probably the hardest thing to do well while living in Haiti. Finding people to be 100% real and transparent with is rare to find. I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t always made it easy and I can give you a boatload of excuses, but I’ve first hand witnessed the need and desire for true fellowship. Authentic Christian community requires time, space, resources and most crucial, accountability. Togetherness begs you to be vulnerable, which is something everyone loathes. So I’ll be honest with you, my biggest struggle is being teachable, which all comes down to pride and that circles back to not being accountable to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Living in Haiti, makes it easy to escape and avoid all connection with believers. Doing ministry on your own is lonely and it’s not spiritually healthy. You could go weeks or months without being held responsible for your actions and relationship with God. As a follower of Jesus, you want to lead and minister to the best of your ability because you are serving a King who deserves better than even your utmost best. When we fail to connect with each other, we’re failing to minister like Jesus. Acts 2:42 demonstrates a beautiful picture of how the early church devoted themselves to each other. They didn’t just have fellowship, they were the fellowship.

So let’s join together in this challenge, extending far beyond church on Sunday mornings or “getting together”; seek out your community of believers that will hold you to what you’re intended for on this earth.  – Makayla